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Dark Soul Academy

Now that you've played our games, used our cards and read our books, you're ready to go deeper.

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato founded the original Academy in Athens, and the rediscovery of its teachings in Europe ignited the Renaissance and age of Enlightenment. We founded Dark Soul Academy with a similar purpose, only that this time we intend the power of Light to find a more balanced harmony with the beauty of the holy Dark. Thus our Academy focuses on ways to connect the Light of Spirit all the way into the Dark of Matter.

Inspired by the modern mystery schools of Highden Temple and the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA), Dark Soul Academy aims to use the powerful teachings of such schools as a starting point to go even deeper. The result is a modern science of soul.

Dark Soul Academy is not for everyone, but for those who feel an intense yearning to deepen their relationship to their own souls -- not in a distant someday, but today -- our academy shines a dark light to guide the way. Now that humanity is empowered to combine the best of ancient wisdom with the latest in scientific discoveries, there has never been a better time to align the light of your soul with the darkness of matter.

We're adding new courses all the time, so please stay in touch!



Align with your soul purpose

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Deep soul work requires a strong emotional body; that's why we created Emotional Cardio as a prerequisite for most of our advanced courses. Like cardio exercise for the physical body, Emotional Cardio strengthens the heart, so you can meet all of life's emotional challenges and find greater success in both love and business.


This course combines the ancient wisdom of Tantra with modern advances in neuroscience to offer students easy yet potent techniques to power up their emotional bodies.

More than just a course, the ALCHEMIZE program plunges deep into the esoteric wisdom of the medieval European alchemists to reveal the mysteries of the magnum opus - the Great Work representing the alchemist's soul fulfilling its true purpose on Earth. By creating the Philosopher's Stone, the modern alchemist can transmute the lead of a soul-denying corporate paycheck into the abundant gold of soul shine.

ALCHEMIZE combines an informative and engaging course on medieval European alchemy with membership in a "mastersoul" group, Golden, as well as 1-on-1 and soul-informed business/executive coaching with an experienced modern mystagogue. Emotional Cardio required as a prerequisite.

By the time you read this, commercially available AI programs will be able to write your blog posts and nonfiction books better than you can and in only a few seconds -- but only if you're following the same formulaic strictures which we've all been taught.

Our MYTHOS sacred writing course teaches you the one skill a computer will never be able to master: channeling the wisdom of your soul into powerful writing. The nonfiction book course, based on the myth of the birth of the goddess Athena, focuses on every step of the book pre-writing process, from that first good book idea all the way to a detailed outline which serves as your step-by-step writing guide, along with a marketing plan to understand exactly for whom your book is written.

To the ancient Greek playwrights who invented practically every trope, device and structure used by any writer of fiction in the Western tradition today, the theater was not a place of entertainment; it was a temple. In fact, the word theater is closely related to theos, the Greek word for god.

Modern authors still follow the advice of Aristotle in his seminal work of literary criticism, The Poetics, but do so having lost all appreciation of the great work's original point, which is spiritual and not merely literary. This course, by exploring the myths of Dionysos who founded and inspired the theater, reclaims the spiritual philosophy of Aristotle and teaches how modern authors can use the same techniques to write soul fiction -- stories that lead readers back to their own souls.

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