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transmute the lead of your paycheck into soul shine gold

For those hardworking pilgrims who yearn to align their day jobs more closely with their deepest soul purpose, no spiritual path offers a more direct route than alchemy. While other paths can teach you how to meditate, or do yoga, or how to serve humanity better in your free time - all worthwhile pursuits! - the alchemical tradition stands out as a system designed explicitly to infuse soul into the disciple's work.

Medieval European alchemists called their spiritual path the Magnum Opus - the Great Work - and veiled their teachings behind esoteric language, discussing abstruse matters like the Philosopher's Stone or complex methods of transmuting lead into gold. What these teachings actually reveal, to those who know how to read them, is a powerfully transformative method of evolving soul-denying work (the "lead" of a corporate paycheck, for example) into soul-fulfilling work (the "gold" of soul shine that pays well).

These potent teachings are only intended for advanced spiritual students. If your soul path has led you far enough that you're ready to start making it your living as well, then read on.

Total Transmutation

Only intended for those students who are fully dedicated to profoundly transforming their work lives, the 12-month ALCHEMIZE Total Transmutation system offers a complete soul makeover of your income streams. This combined esoterics course and business/executive coaching program will guide you through a complete system of European alchemy:

  • Integration of all four "arms of the cross":

    • the four elements

    • the four seasons

    • masculine and feminine

    • Spirit into Matter

  • Integration of all seven steps of transmutation:

    • the seven sacred metals

    • the seven planets of astrology

    • the seven days of the week

  • Launch of your soul shine business plan:

    • created with soulful Harvard graduates

    • everything you need to get started on day one

    • a $10,000 value!

Elements: 4 group retreats in nature, monthly group work, 1-on-1 coaching, Soul Shine business plan

Cost: $25,000 USD

Trusted Guidance

For those students who may not need a total transmutation but who seek a trusted advisor to guide them closer to their soul's true purpose. Our elite mystagogues (spiritual coaches) can work with you to find the elements missing from your alchemy and custom-tailor a transmutation program for your unique business.

Elements: group work, 1-on-1 coaching

Cost: $6,000 USD for six months

Soul Shine Business Plans

For students who already know their soul purpose but who aren't quite sure how to get started turning it into a profitable business, we also offer ALCHEMIZE Soul Shine business plans, customized to your business.

Put together by soulful Harvard graduates, your customized business plan is your own Philosopher's Stone, allowing you to transmute all it touches into gold.

Cost: $10,000 USD

Meet Your Mystagogue

Jeremy Daw, J.D.

Equally experienced in both the mystical and the mundane, Jeremy is the author of six books - most recently, The Way of Integration, written with Baba Dez Nichols. He graduated from Harvard Law School in 2008 and initiated at Highden Temple in 2020. In between, he has worked as a strategy consultant, author, editor and entrepreneur. He is the founder of the Dark Soul Corporation, Editor-in-Chief of Dark Soul Ink, and creator of the Emotional Cardio, MYTHOS Sacred Writing and ALCHEMIZE courses and programs.

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