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Emotional Cardio

Emotional Resilience for Life's Challenges

To get the most out of life - whether in romance, work or even just the simple enjoyment of the beautiful passing moments - we must build a strong emotional body. Tantric sages and ancient philosophers alike saw the deep necessity of emotional work in order to develop an intimate relationship with the soul, and now modern neuroscience is finally starting to catch up after centuries of unwisely privileging the intellectual mind, to the detriment of the atrophying emotional body.

Think of the recent challenges you've faced in your life - whether at the office, at home or between you and your community of friends. Chances are, the majority of these challenges either arose or worsened because someone failed to properly regulate their emotions at some point. And that's OK! This is part of the human experience.

But wouldn't it be amazing if you could show up to all of these situations, and more, with such a strong and resilient emotional body that the momentary emotional weakness of those around you doesn't knock you off your keel? If you could show up as the resilient parent, lover, worker and informed citizen that your family, friends and the whole world needs? This is the strength of Emotional Cardio.

The full, 8-week immersive Emotional Cardio program applies a neuroscientific approach to understanding human emotions, examining each of the most basic human emotions in turn and providing tailored emotional strengthening exercises which students can use to build the resilience of specific emotional "muscles".

The course comes in two formats:

  • 1-on-1 Mystagogue Coaching Immersive: For students who see great value in working deeply and one-on-one with an experienced spiritual coach, we offer the Mystagogue Coaching Immersive. Meet your experienced modern mystagogue (spiritual tutor), then set off together on a deep and intimate journey into your own emotions, one at a time. Students meet with their mystagogue twice per week over Zoom for eight weeks, culminating in a complete emotional transformation. Total cost: $2,995 USD.

  • Pre-recorded Online Course {COMING SOON!}: For students seeking emotional resilience on a tighter budget, we offer the complete Emotional Cardio course in an affordable pre-recorded format, taught by Emotional Cardio creator, Jeremy Daw. Total cost: $95 USD.

If you're ready to commit to complete emotional transformation, reach out to us through the form below

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