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Sacred Writing

Writing as Soul

We founded Dark Soul Ink with the mission to amplify the voices of alternative spirituality - Tantra and esoterics, witchcraft and Goddess culture, shamanism and indigenous traditions, and more.

Now we want to hear from you. If you have an idea for a book that would fit within the scope of our mission, then we want to help you turn your great book idea into a great book - so we can publish it!

In our two MYTHOS sacred writing workshops, we teach every step necessary to transform your divine inspiration into bestselling publication. We invite you to open to your soul's wisdom now, and explore our two courses below - one for sacred fiction, and the other for sacred nonfiction.

The Birth of Athena
Sacred Nonfiction

According to Greek myth, the original "brainchild" was Athena, the goddess of wisdom who sprang forth, fully armed and armored, from the head of Zeus. Much more than just an interesting gender reversal on traditional birth myths, this story, in fact, contains deep wisdom about the process of birthing a great idea into manifestation.

Taught by Jeremy Daw, Editor-in-Chief of Dark Soul Ink, this course lays out exactly what we're looking for in any nonfiction book manuscript or proposal. The full 3-month course includes seven 90-minute Zoom lessons with optional packages for "office hour" 1-on-1 book coaching from Jeremy.

Course: $1,995 USD

Course + 3 office hours: $2,995

Course + 12 office hours: $4,995

The Birth of Dionysos
Sacred Fiction

Any course you could take or any book you could read on how to write fiction - be it a screenplay, a novel, a television show, you name it - draws its teachings, to a greater or lesser extent, from Aristotle's Poetics, the most influential work of literary criticism ever written. And while all of these sources can teach you the superficial fundamentals of Aristotle's thought, few if any can reveal the spiritual side of the great philosopher's work, through which he teaches the ways in which fiction can guide its readers and viewers back to their own souls.

The Birth of Dionysos workshop offers what no other course on fiction writing can: a way to find your own channel to soul. That established, we then teach you every element you'll need to master in order to transform your inspiration into successful fiction.

Taught by Dark Soul Ink Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Daw, this 3-month course combines seven lessons over Zoom with optional private office hours.

Course: $1,995 USD

Course + 3 office hours: $2,995

Course + 12 office hours: $4,995

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