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Surrender to the Mystery

i'm beginning to see the dark


I'm beginning to see the dark

In early 2020 three thirsty, creative souls from far-flung homes came to the mystery school at Highden Temple in New Zealand, having planned to stay for six weeks. Instead, they stayed for six months.

From the creative cauldron formed at Highden by artist Eve Walker, author Jeremy Daw and artist/author Ricky van Meer comes the first product of their dark collaboration: the Highden Oracle Deck.

These 28 beautifully illustrated cards and the accompanying 84-page practice booklet will guide you on a soul journey to reclaim your dark power, clear your soul shadows and reconnect with the Void.

Time to be an empty channel
My Books
Stuck in the Body Mind 300dpi_edited.jpg
In the press

A deck of cards

Art, as it embarks

on a voyage of dark

Oracles, of love

sing to our hearts,

over the walls and

past the scars 

Where lightning strikes

devas and dragons alike

saying sooth fortune

of what it is like, to be alive

King and Queendom

Priesthood and Witchery,

as our souls surrender,

to the magical mystery

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