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The Birth of Athena - From Inspiration to Publication

New course teaches an ancient allegory for the process of writing nonfiction books

Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, was born directly from the head of her father, Zeus. One day the mighty god awoke to an unbearable headache, so in his desperation he turned to Hephaestus, god of the forge, to smite Zeus' own head open and relieve the pressure. This Hephaestus did, and from the cranial gash leaped the mighty Athena, all ready to go.

As a four-time published author, I know how Zeus felt. Once the passion - or the madness - seized me and impelled me to write my first book, I was doomed to constant headache until it was finally out and done. All the facts, citations, diagrams, paragraphs, chapters... how did it all fit together? I had mounds of material, but how to turn them into a book? I looked all around - online, in university catalogs, you name it - but I couldn't find a single course on how to turn a good idea for a nonfiction book into a good nonfiction book. Like the thousands of authors who preceded me, I was expected to simply figure it out.

Enough of that. Now that I've put in the hours, the trials, the incessant errors and occasional triumphs and finally figured out how to write one of these crazy high-falutin' humdingers they call a book, I've decided to share my hard-won wisdom with the world. My new course covers every step that you'll need to master for book authoring success, from the initial inspiration to a complete book proposal and draft production plan. If you dream of becoming a best-selling author, then you're invited to join me for a free introductory lesson to my new class, The Birth of Athena: From Inspiration to Publication - this Wednesday, August 10 at 5pm PST. To get your link to join, simply reach out to me at .

Jeremy Daw is the author, most recently, of the English translation of Culture and the Judiciary: The Anthropologist Judge published by Routledge, 2021. A graduate of Harvard Law School, he has taught classes and seminars at various universities throughout the U.S.
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