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The World Soul

Think back to this morning: the very first moments of your consciousness today. How did you wake up?

All of your sensory inputs, from your sight and hearing to tactile awareness of every corner of your body, didn't come online at once; that would have been overwhelming! Instead, as you may have noticed, your body woke up a little bit at a time. Maybe the alarm's ring only entered your hearing gradually. Perhaps you felt the need to stretch a bit before sitting up. And it's only a few moments later that you became aware of biological needs.

This is all normal, and we find it a powerful allegory for the way the world -- all of us, together -- are waking up in our souls during this powerful time.

Doubtless, if you found your way here, you already know yourself as a soul. But did you know that every soul embodied on the planet right now is like a cell in the body of the world soul -- the soul of Earth itself? This means that each of us has an important role to play in this time of awakening; that each of us has a duty to awaken individually to our soul's purpose for incarnation in this lifetime. But it also means that we can relax about it a little, because each one of us is merely a cell in a vast, planetary soul being -- a being that is waking up, one cell at a time.

This is why we founded Plutonium Partners. From where we stand, we can see myriad points of light (and more than a few of darkness) flaming out, one by one, in the long night. The signs are unmistakable: the world soul is waking up. And we want in.

If you have heard the calling of your own soul and know that your purpose involves a temple, non-profit, conscious business or other 3D project brought into manifestation, then Plutonium Partners are ready to help you. Tap 'Chat with us' today!

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