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Dark Soul Ink.

Our enchanting portal where new creations are being infused with soul and birthed into the world, to enrich the lives of the many who seek to animate their daily being with the magic and mystery of life.

the Highden Oracle Deck

An oracle deck rooted in the teachings of Highden Mystery School in Aotearoa. A beautiful guide to infuse your life with the subtle notes of soul initiation.


the Soul of Cosmic Darkness Tarot

Beautiful soul-inspired Tarot cards which celebrate and encourage you to be your own oracle, and trust your own intuition on your journey through life.
                                                                  Coming Soon....


The Fallen Star

A story for the children in each of us, birthed on the solstice fire, that speaks to the truth of what it means to radiate your magic in a modern world.

                                                                   Coming Soon....

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